Maedup & Co.

Welcome to the site dedicated to Maedup!

2nd-necklace-close-up3Here you will find a great deal of information on Maedup or Korean knotting. Whether it be books, cords, beads and findings or even knot tutorials: you’ll find it here!

Have you spent a lot of time on the net looking for information on Maedup only to discover that there is not a great deal to be had? And yet you are very eager to have a go, if only you could get your hands on the right cording, the right sized hole beads…basically, the nicest and best priced materials in one go!

Here you will find the internet links, the books, the internet sites that are talking about this art, knot tutorials, the most appropriate bead shops and ornaments as well as a short  page on the history of Maedup. You can then have a look at my personal photo gallery which I hope will get you motivated!

With everything I have collected here, hopefully you’ll spend more time knotting –  since Maedup knots take quite a bit of time and practice to do – and less time searching desperately on the net for your supplies!

So get knotting!

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11 Responses to “Welcome!”

  1. How very cool!! I like the look of the webpage. Very nice work. Is the photo on the main page your piece of jewelry that you made?? (The one with a cross shaped knotting and the round burgundy marbled stone) Nice work, Jennifer Butts

  2. Your artistry is impeccable. Your price points for your labor and creativity is extremely reasonable. We wish you the best of success online and in all the high end boutiques. Your work warrants it !!!


  3. connieta theotirta Says:

    Hi….I’m connieta 33 years oldn and I like to learn about maedup.I,ve been searh in internet,but I need the pattern or step for make maedup.can you help me?thx so much

    • Hi Connie!

      I got your email and would love to help you. What kind of knots are you wanting to make? Have you had a look at the knot explanation pages? There is not a lot of help available on the internet it’s true.
      Come and have a look at my store http://www.maedupandco.com – you can translate it (i’m in France) into your language and maybe find a book to help you? I recommend Becky Merverden’s book “Elegant knotted jewelery” or Kim Sang Lan’s book which is beautiful.

      Let me know what kind of help you are looking for and I will do the best I can to help you.
      Kind Regards,

      • Connieta Theotirta Says:

        Hi…very thanks for your reply…actually i`ve already learn about Chinese Knotting for basic knot, like Good Luck Knot, Chinese Button, Lover,etc…but it`s only for basic.
        I really like to learn Korean Knotting or Maedup, because i really love all about Korea 🙂
        Actually i look for book Maedeup : The art of tarditional Korean Knots by Kim Hee Jin, which one you suggest for learn from those 3 books.Can I buy it from you?because in Indonesia it`s very hard to search those books.
        I`ve already look to your web site…and it help me to more understand about the maedeup.
        Thx so much.Sorry if my english not good.


      • Hi Connie – I recommende Kim Sang Lan’s book – Korean knots -jewelery and accessories. (the black and red one) I will post the English version for you on the store front. It is really beautiful and gives step by step information on how to do knots. Even some of the complex ones. THe projects are all very beautiful and inspiring. I hope to write a book one day as there are not many to choose from.
        You can buy it here. I imagine it is easy to find cording in Indonesia. Maybe you could help me find good korean cording?
        Your English is very good and thank you for your interest in my blog!

  4. connieta theotirta Says:

    Forget to say,I really waiting for your reply.thx a lot

  5. connieta theotirta Says:

    Hi again sis 🙂
    I think I want to buy the book that you already suggested.I need your help,can you calculate the price including delivery cost and how long the delivery time from France to Indonesia?
    In Indonesia,there’s so many kind material for make maedup,including beads,there’s so many variants.
    If you want sample I can sent it to you.
    Maybe it’s easier in Indonesia to find those things and the price not too expensive.
    You can give me your address if you don’t mind,so I will sent the sample.
    Thx a lot

  6. Oh, I found your blog! It’s really great, and it’s wonderful you put some tutorials as well. I think I will stalk your blog from now on^^
    Take care!

  7. Many apologies but I can’t seem to find the cord supplies on your website. Mano-facto.com. Could you give me some assistance. I also don’t read French.:(

    • Hi Leslie and many thanks for your interest in my blog,
      Although the website is still online, I no longer do cord supplies but have left up the blog for the other content it contains which is much visited.
      My supplier at the time was “The Satin Cord Store” based in Florida, USA where you will find all you need 🙂
      I will try to update the blog at some point so it is no longer misleading.

      Ps – you can acces an english version of Mano-Facto by clicking on the american flag in the upper right hand corner if ever you are interested in taking a look 🙂

      Many thanks,

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