Some more blog news!


Just wanted to let readers know I’m a new contributor to Veronique’s blog as she has kindly given me admin access. I’m currently working to promote a book on maedup that just came out last year, called “Knot Another!”. It’s by a South African woman who moved to South Korea and learned maedup there, while making hand drawn notes to help her learn each step to every knot.

There’s now a new picture and info blurb under the books section. If anyone has any questions about this book or wants more information, I’ll be happy to answer.

Anything of interest to maedup I will try to pass on here and make a few more updates from time to time. I’ll keep an eye on Veronique’s store page (  to see what she is up to and try to relay the information here. Her boutique opening happened just last month in France, which is quite exciting news for fans.

As someone who is new to maedup and has just really started learning about it, it’s quite amazing to me how versatile maedup can be as a craft!

Hope to make more updates soon,



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