Contact info

If would like to get in touch with me personally rather than leave a comment or are interested in one of my works in the gallery then feel free to contact me.

Veronique McKay

Rue gabriel Chevalier

69460 Vaux en Beajolais



6 Responses to “Contact info”

  1. Lisa Serota Says:

    Beautiful creations, and website. I’m hoping you can recommend a place to get great beads w the right size holes. I’d love some semi precious stones. Thank you!

    • Hi Lisa – I am currently getting ready to put beads and pendants on my store – the majority will be metal beads: tibetain silver, copper and brass and semi-precious pendant beads. Semi-precious beads come with tiny holes and would have to reamed so much that I am not sure it is doable- maybe for 1mm to 1.5 mm cord. I am still looking for a supplier though and have high hopes I will find one. I use a work-round when I want to use a bead, but it is for focals mostly. I mount them on silver wire first creating loops at each end in order to be able to string them. Another trick is to wrap a piece of tape around your cord end really tight and make a point with the extra tape like a needle. Once that is through the bead, you pull with pliers and the cord comes through. It is hard work but well worth the effort! I will let you know as soon as I have found some with big holes (if they exist!)
      Thanks for your interest in my blog!

  2. You are doing a very gud job..i just saw the knotted Jewellery book and got impressed with it,but i live in Australia where i dont get different kind and colors of cords thats is used for this knots. I just need to know whether you can help me with the cords..the book says,”Korean Cord”, Chinese cord..etc..i don have anything over here except silk cord.pls help.

  3. Catherine Johnson Says:

    I’m interested in finding the cord tassels, any advice?

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