Knot tutorials

Here is the tutorial page : all kinds of knots : Maedup, Chinese, Japanese, basically what is available on the net….When I find new ones, I post them up here.

If you find or create any that you would like to share, please leave a link in the comments section.

Some of the links are a bit of challenge as they are in Korean, Japanese and Chinesey English!…but if you have already tried knotting, you should cope OK with just the images…

Don’t forget to share you Maedup experience with us all in the Forum section!

Send me a photo of your creations so I can post them in a gallery!



This one is to make a dragonfly with bead eyes. If any of you have tried the dragonfly in Kim Sang Lan’s book, this is a variation. The Korean version is further down in the site links.


Chinese good luck knot’


Broach knot :

No vocals and the music is a little annoying so you might want to turn your speakers off! It seems to go fast at first but then it goes sequence by sequence. You might notice that the cords are pretty stiff. That’s Korean cording being used. You’ll find the link in the ‘Best cord sites’ section. I wouldn’t try this with rat tail!


Site links -flower knot – this site has a number of knots available….

Korean knot dragonfly:




Lotus knot:



Source :


(chinese knots)


The following need a little occidentalizing but the tutorials are really useful and well done.





Click on the image to go to site





(Site in french but the tutorials are understandable)


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  3. thanks for the great posts. i’ve been looking for the tutorials and ended up here. cool!

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    Thanks for sharing the link – but unfortunately it seems to be down? Does anybody here at have a mirror or another source?


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    I want to buy korean Maedup. Can your tell me from where I can do this?

  8. Hi, Wonderful blog! Have been trying to learn how to make tradition tassels and am wondering if you are able to guide me. Thanks much!

  9. sr leocardia Says:

    l love korean hand work

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