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Tree and ginger maedeup

Black onyx and square knot maedeup

Queen Anne's Lace

Queen Anne’s Lace and ginger maedeup

Purple passion maedeup

Purple passion maedeup

Poppy jasper maedeup

Poppy jasper maedeup necklace

Moss agate maedeup

Moss agate maedeup


Red agate charm maedeup necklace

Red agate charm maedeup necklace

Ethnic red agate maedeup necklace

Ethnic red agate maedeup necklace

Poppy jasper maedeup necklace

Poppy jasper maedeup necklace

Chinjie - Chinese Spring necklace

Chinjie – Chinese Spring necklace

Black onyx and silver weave

Black onyx and silver weave
Volcanic heat maedeup necklace

Volcanic heat maedeup necklace

Maedeup neclace

Black onyx and silver assymetric swirls maedup necklace

Double chrysanthemum knots made with grey satin cord and black onyx donut – 40mm. Adjustable length.
Leopard Jasper 40mm donut and brown Korean cord. Adjustable length.
Chrysanthemum knot  with double cord (Korean cord in 1.5mm black) Button knots which slide to adjust length.
Mother of pearl Asian flower pendant.
Chrysanthemum knot and green Korean cord with Moss Agathe pendant and base metal bail. Adjustable length with sliding button knots
This is my invention. A series of Chrysanthemum knots linked together. Pink Quartz rose grey 2mm rattail satin cord
Square knot repeated using Korean Jasmine cord. Fixed length approx. 50cm . Black Onyx pendant with silver wire and base metal bail. 

Series of ginger knots.  Black rattail 2mm cord with tibetain silver beads and silver wire. Poppy jasper pendant with base metal bail. 



Chrysanthemum knot using brown 1.5mm Korean cording. Base metal beads and S-clasp. Poppy Jasper pendant and base metal bail

grey-howllite-stone-and-grey-cording2Chrysanthemum knot and ginger knots using light grey 2mm Korean cord. HGrey owlite pendant with base metal bail. This necklace is adjustable in length and when worn as a choker  the ginger knot hangs in your back as another pendant- very pretty with bare back clothing!


13 Responses to “My Creations Gallery”

  1. Nice jewelry!! Looks like the Leopard jaspar with brown cord. I do like the website. VERY cool!! Jennifer

  2. Very nice knotwork! Looking forward to seeing more of your creations!

  3. itisknotart Says:

    Fascinatingly intricate knotwork has always made me stop and stare.
    Yours is surely in that category. You deserve the respect due
    accorded any fine artist.

    William Elliott

  4. Timothy Says:


    Interesting creations you have online. Would you happen to know how korean Norigae Tassels are made? Am also into tying knots and have been looking for detailed techniques of how to make these tassels.


    • Hi! Sorry for not answering sooner…summer holidays! Unfortunately I don’t know how to make the tassels according to Korean tradition. I have searched far and wide for anything that remotely ressemble them…to no avail. There is a store in korea that sells everything relative to Maedup knotting – but noone speaks English… you can see the link on Becky Meverden’s blog ‘The constant crafter’ – look in her Maedup category…
      I make my own tassels so they are at least as long as I want them… quite easy actually. If you want explanations contact me at…I’ll try and get a tutorial up some time – I have not been too active on this blog recently as I am working on a online store which is taking up the majority of my time…
      Thank you for your comment-

      • Love your site. I think that Becky Meverden would be an excellent
        source for finding out about the tassels as she actually lived in
        South Korea and learned all about Maedup there. I bought her book
        and also enjoyed her journey as well as the knotting techniques. I
        look forward to visiting this site again and will also look for your
        online store.

      • Hi Joanne and thank you!
        Yes, I have followed Becky closely on her Korean adventures… I actually learnt to make tassels myself – not quite the same result as the Korean ones but they have a nice end effect.
        Have fun with Becky’s Maedup book,

  5. carol coleman Says:

    everything is so pretty,love all of your work,awsome!!!!!!!

    • Thank you Carol – I have quite neglected my blog as I now have an ecommerce I have to keep up with – come and check out my latest collection which has evolved quite a bit since the ones you saw. – you’ll find them under Jewellery “the entire collection”

  6. they look all amazing. i do have to ask, what do all the knots mean?? i mean butterfly and ginger? and are there any books that tell you what they are and meaning?? thanx

    • Hi and thank you for your interest! In fact they do not have any particular deep underlying meaning – The butterfly because it looks like one, dragonfly, ginger because it is a much appreciated and eaten spice in Korea, prune blossom( the incarnation of the gods of goodluck in Buddhist tradition)…
      The book I have in my possesion gives a very brief explanation of each knot (kim san Lang ‘The art of Maedup’…) but I do not know if there are any that explain in deeper detail.
      Maedeup has always been a decorative art and the names either abstract notions or references to nature and everyday life. Maedeup was/is used to decorate everyday objects such as drawer handles, fans, musical instruments and are part of Korean traditional dress. Most of them are considered as good luck charms!

  7. Jasan Pictures Says:

    Really nice creation/collections 🙂


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